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Guangmei nodded clearly and wisely did not make any comments. "You can think about it. It seems that Xia Yanjun hasn't had any girlfriends in the past few years.

Guangmei nodded clearly and wisely did not make any comments. "You can think about it. It seems that Xia Yanjun hasn't had any girlfriends in the past few years. I wanted to tell you, but you wouldn't let me talk about him." No girlfriend? There was a burst of excitement in her heart, and then she suppressed it back. Maybe he really regretted letting her go, as he said, but that didn't mean he loved her. Don't talk about him. Where are we going after dinner? Take the kids to the movies? Recently, a cute cartoon was released, and she and Ximin wanted to take their children to see it. "But if you don't want to watch cartoons, you can watch movies in other halls. After watching them, you can just get together." "It's all right, but it's better to eat quickly. The children can't go to bed too late, even though it's the weekend." Mitsumi quickened the movement of her hands. "The way you and Hee-min are taking care of the baby makes me want to have a baby." "It should have been born long ago. Hsieh Chia-chi has been waiting for it and it's almost moldy. You really have the heart to do this to him." In fact, Yu Xi is also full of envy of Guangmei and Xie Jiaqi this couple, no matter how quarrel, are very good family, are the most important pillar of each other. Mitsumi made a face at her. Several women took the dishes out and called everyone to eat by the way. Only then did Xiaoxiang and Xinyou climb down from the two big men, Chu Xiwei and Xie Jiaqi. Every time the two big uncles came, they were the big dolls of the little devils. They played until they had enough and went crazy. Had it not been for the fact that Yu Xi's house was not big enough and the room was not big enough for everyone to sleep in, the two little devils might have pestered the poor uncles to play late. As a result, five adults and two children were settled on the dining table, which was just right for the small family. During the dinner, they talked and laughed, and the whole room was lively. When the doorbell rang, Guangmei kicked her husband Xie Jiaqi, who was closest to the door. "Hsieh Chia-chi, go and open the door." Xie Jiaqi obediently accepted the order to open the door. As soon as the door opened, Xia Yanjun saw exactly this kind of lively scene. "Yu Xi, is he your friend?" Chu Wei, who was sitting next to Yu Xi, looked up and saw him first, so he asked Yu Xi in his ear. This scene in the eyes of Xia Yanjun, is really damn dazzling. "Yan Jun?" Yu Xi stood up in surprise. How did you.. I thought you.. Gone, never to be seen again. Xia Yanjun's originally stiff corners of the mouth were relieved in her surprised but joyful expression. "I didn't know you had guests." He nodded to the group. So Yu Xi pulled up a chair, and everyone tried to adjust their positions and squeeze out a seat for him. "Daddy, this is my Daddy!" Xin pomelo smiled so hard that his eyes narrowed and he proudly took Xia Yanjun's hand, plastic pallet bins ,plastic pallet suppliers, so Yanjun sat next to the child, while Yu Xi was on the other side of the child. Apart from the fact that the gentle man on the other side of Yu Xi was very dazzling, Yan Jun was quite satisfied with the arrangement. "There may be someone here who hasn't seen Mr. Hsia." Ximin quickly jumped out to introduce. This is Xinyou's father. Mr. Hsia, you may not know many people here. "You can call me Yen Jun or Hsia Yen Jun. Don't call me Mr. Hsia." Yan Jun smiled, contrary to his usual grim image. Mitsumi and her husband.. Mr. Hsieh, I've seen him before, but I don't know the other one. His eyes swept over Chu Xiwei. Chu Xiwei was about to introduce himself, but Guangmei took the lead. His name is Chu Hsi-wei, Yu Hsi and our friend. By the way, it was he who ran into Yu Hsi in the accident, do you remember? Guangmei said in a loud voice. A car accident? Xia Yanjun narrowed his eyes. Is that the man who once went to the movies with Yu Xi and wanted to pursue her? Feeling Xia Yanjun's cold gaze for several degrees, Chu Xiwei could not help shivering quietly. Hello, I'm Chu Hsi-wei, and sometimes I come with Kuang-mei and Chia-chi to look for Yu Hsi and Hee-min. And, of course, the children. Chu Xiwei is full of childlike innocence and always has a lot of fun with his two children. "Yes, Uncle Chu is very nice. He said he would take me and Xinyou to the movies!" Xiao Xiang said proudly. "Daddy, would you like to go to the movies with us?" Xin pomelo pulled his father's sleeve and asked. Yan Jun took a look at Yu Xi. "Only if your mother says yes." Just like a hen-pecked husband, in fact, it is nothing more than telling Cheng Yaojin, who wants to intervene between him and Yu Xi, that he is a family with Yu Xi and Xin Pomelo. Now, alas, he understood the necessity of the institution of marriage. "Mommy?" Xin pomelo frowned and looked at her mother. Yu Xi rolled his eyes. "I don't run the movie theater. Why do you ask me?" Yan Jun smiled when she agreed. So a group of people talked and laughed, but a meal was also very happy. After dinner, in order to catch up with the movie, and dare not delay much, a group of people began to assign cars. "Don't drive too many cars. The recreational vehicle I found at Jiaqi is more suitable. It can carry a lot of people." Yu Xi looked at the crowd, busy distribution. "But Kuang Chia-chi's car isn't big enough for six adults and two children." Ximin said. "Then I'll drive, too." "No, just squeeze. You go first. I'll clean up these things and be there right away." Yu Xi doesn't like to stack used dishes in the kitchen and wash them after a period of time, even the next day. After having children, she was more careful about the cleanliness of the environment. "But how can you be left alone to wash the dishes?" Mitsumi doesn't approve either. It doesn't matter. Anyway, it doesn't matter if I come in a little later. The point is that the kids want to see it. Hurry up and let's go! Otherwise, the performance will begin if it is too late. Yu Xi urged everyone. "But.." Everyone else felt that it was not good to leave one person to wash the dishes, but Yu Xi seemed very insistent. "I'll stay and help. I'll drive Yu Hsi there later, and you'll have to take care of the child." Xia Yanjun patted Xinyou on the head. "Daddy, hurry up!" Xin pomelo has no opinion. So everyone finally got it done,collapsible pallet bin, and a group of people set out first. Yu Xi curled his lips. "Why didn't anyone ask me if I agreed?" Yan Jun helped her put the dishes on the table together, and then put the rest of the dishes on small plates and put them in the refrigerator. While doing things, the corners of his mouth still have a funny smile.


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