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Then Li Junyi did not turn around, but because of the sound of the bell, he knew Liu Zaishi's actions like the palm of his hand.

Then Li Junyi did not turn around, but because of the sound of the bell, he knew Liu Zaishi's actions like the palm of his hand. Listening to the sound of the bell, he breathed a sigh of relief. "I didn't expect to be so nervous when I really fought hand to hand." Li Junyi walked in the opposite direction of Liu Zaishi, and then turned to the camera and said, "I thought everything could be dealt with, but when we really met, the feeling of stabbing was like being a spy to complete a secret mission, and my heart was about to jump out." Although he kept saying that he was nervous, the excited expression on Li Junyi's face revealed his true thoughts, and he now enjoys the feeling of stabbing. I took the elevator up to the sixth floor, which was the men's formal wear store, where the third suit should be. After leaving the elevator, Li Zhunyi turned into the passage used by the staff and ran directly to the formal clothing store on the other side. Then he pushed m mén away. He didn't even see what was outside m mén clearly, so he heard a bell. Li Junyi also had no time to think about who was outside, so he closed the mmén and turned back the way he had come, ready to go back to the elevator exit to hide. As soon as the mmén was closed, the sound of the bell was blocked outside. Li Junyi walked back along the staff passage and pushed away the mmén at this end of the passage. Without warning, a force also pulled the m mén out, and a figure appeared in front of Li Junyi. In less than three minutes,heavy duty plastic pallet, I met haha, Lee Kwang-soo and Yoo Jae-seok. A few seconds ago, I heard the sound of bells at the other end of the passage. At this time, I saw someone at this end who was ready to enter the passage. Lee Jun-yi, who was very calm in front of me, was like a frightened bird. He subconsciously thought that someone was coming to catch his Running. Without any thought, he ran to the other end of the passage in the posture of light. Li Junyi's reaction was so fast that the photographer didn't have time to make a move. He saw Li Junyi "whoosh" running in front of him. The photographer reacted slowly,wholesale plastic pallet, but saw who was the person who pulled m mén in. "Junyi, no, no, not Running.". man。” It turned out to be a staff member of the department store. The photographer looked back and saw that Li Junyi's right hand was already on the mmén handle at the other end of the passage. He could only sigh, "This degree." Li Junyi's ears finally began to receive the voice of the outside world, and only then did he realize that he was making a fuss. He had just passed by haha, Lee Kwang-soo and Yoo Jae-seok at such a close distance. He kept calm, but now he was completely nervous. The sound of bells is really torturous, "Li Junyi sighed. Once he brought himself into the game, the jjīng God became tense.". Although, if really let Li Junyi and other people face to face, even if Jin Zhongguo, Li Junyi will not necessarily be afraid of each other, but this kind of bell sound besieged on all sides of the feeling, plastic pallet bin ,wholesale plastic pallet, easily let people frighten R ròu jump, not nervous also nervous. Tension is tension, but as long as the winner of the game is not decided, it can not be relaxed. Li Junyi gasped for breath and then began to look for clothes. Is turning over the clothes, there is a bell approaching, under the emergency, Li Junyi hid behind the checkout counter, this was not found by Liu Zaishi now. Li Junyi, who was skillful at the beginning, and Running. The man team members were so close that some sweat beads appeared on their foreheads and helpless smiles appeared at the corners of their mouths. "It's really hard to avoid the members to complete the task." That being said, anyone who looks at Li Junyi's eyes can see that he is now in a state of complete excitement, and is completely happy with this enhanced version of the robber game. While Li Junyi and his pursuers were fighting in Zhiyong, Song Zhixiao, Gary, Song Zhongji and Ji Shizhen, who were eliminated, met in the sports lounge of the mall. Since there are several yoga blankets on the ground, Song Zhixiao and Gary are kneeling comfortably on the ground, arguing about the possibility of doing 60 sit-ups in a minute. So if I do it, is there any reward? It seems that Gary wants to prove it directly by action. Song Zhongji, who had just walked in, said casually, "Kiss on the cheek?" "Oh, 'Secret Hua Garden'" Gary immediately reacted and said the classic scene in "Secret Hua Garden". Lee Jun-yi and Ha Ji-won interpreted sit-ups in a new way, making pure sports a 1 1àng action with pink s sè bubbles. As a result, the four people who were eliminated were all excited, "Li Junyi, Li Junyi." Song Zhongji is now doing the program for a long time, but also a lot of lively, immediately learned the tone of Li Junyi, "Qian Chenglin, how old did you start to be so fierce?" Song Zhixiao's real name is Qian Chenglin, and because in "Running.". The performance of "man" is not inferior to that of boys, and it often shows a natural fire appearance, which is also called "bad wisdom and filial piety", so Song Zhongji will say so. As soon as the words came out, everyone laughed. The members of the production team carried the camera in front of them, and it was very hard to hold back their laughter. No one thought that today's guest was Li Junyi, whom they were discussing. First watch today. [Text 1001 Running an (IV)] 1oo1 Running man (4) Recommended song: minetbsp; Learns. To. Rock-Frostbite Because the third suit is a simple suit, although the tailoring is somewhat special, but the suit looks the same, so it is very difficult to find, even with the help of shop assistants and the masses, it is still difficult and progress is slow. While Li Junyi was rummaging,plastic pallet manufacturer, he heard the sound of approaching bells again. Li Junyi looked at the empty shop with no shelter. After a slight pause, he ran to the dressing room and waved to the photographer, "Come in together." Li Junyi and the photographer hid in the dressing room at the end of the wall.


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