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At that time, the scene of his beloved wife Meng Li inspiring the spirit of Ming Xin Qing was still vivid in his mind. Meng Li gently touched the blue seal of Ming Xin Qing on her jade arm, which was like a crystal drop of water, and such a blue mini phoenix flew out.

At that time, the scene of his beloved wife Meng Li inspiring the spirit of Ming Xin Qing was still vivid in his mind. Meng Li gently touched the blue seal of Ming Xin Qing on her jade arm, which was like a crystal drop of water, and such a blue mini phoenix flew out. Apart from the brighter color, it was exactly the same shape as the dark blue phoenix inspired by the girl of the Holy Charm Clan. Moreover, although one of the two is Reiki and the other is Demon Qi, the breath they send out makes Zhao quite familiar and similar, which makes him have to marvel secretly. Now this strange space ban, destroy the sun magic gun to strike hard can not have the slightest crack, but the girl is in the dark blue phoenix package, easily submerged in it, which is not another mystery? In the human world, there is the saying of cultivating the spirit of the seven great essences of the immortal world. Is there also a lot of articles among them? Under the sharp turn of Zhao's mind, a colorful blue phoenix suddenly flew out of his sleeve, like water and jade, and immediately turned into a blue light to wrap Zhao. The young man of the Blood Shadow Clan, who was approaching, was stunned again, and then he frowned and showed great anxiety. Although he did not understand the origin of the blue spirit wind, he had just seen the girl of the Holy Charm Clan inexplicably disappear into the void after displaying similar magical powers! How dare he let the old scene reappear, more than a hundred Zhangs away in a wave of blood sword,pumpkin seed extract, a blood dragon sword light split out again, with the momentum of piercing the sky and the harsh sound of breaking the air, horizontal cut to Zhao. However, Zhao resolutely slammed into the space forbidden by the faint gray fluorescence. Poof! With a light sound, Zhao only felt that the gray space ban seemed to be dissolved by the light inspired by the blue phoenix on his body, which made him easily sink into this layer of ban, but after he sank in, this layer of ban immediately closed and merged with a flash of gray,stesweet stevia, and the light of the blood dragon sword would also be cut to one step at night. Bang! A loud noise, and a burst of gray crystal light shining, a burst of visible space fluctuations rippled, but this layer of space forbidden, there is no trace of rupture. "What kind of person are you? How can you have the clear mind and pure magic spirit? No, your clear mind and pure magic spirit is very strange. It's not the magic spirit, but the spirit!" Zhao just disappeared into this strange space, immediately heard the girl's voice full of surprise. This girl, of course, is the saint of the holy amulet clan who entered here before him, but at this time, her eyes are wide open, her mouth is slightly open, her face is full of horror and incredible color. Clear the mind and purify the evil spirit? Zhao to a Leng, rosmarinic acid supplement ,tannic acid astringent, obviously, from the name can be inferred, must have a close connection with Mingxinqing Reiki! "It doesn't matter who I am. It's just that the fairy and I have an agreement to join hands against the enemy, but the fairy intentionally abandons me and escapes alone. Is it unreasonable to do so?" With a snort in his nose, there was a cold light in his eyes, and his tone was so cold that it made people shudder! The girl blushed and smiled awkwardly. She said nervously, "Well, I have no choice but to ask Brother Jin to give me a lot of help.". My concubine will make amends! "Compensation?" Zhao's eyes narrowed and the corners of his mouth turned up. He said with a half-smile, "Of course, compensation is needed. But what is the origin of this place? What is the origin of your clear mind and pure evil spirit? Why can you easily enter all this here? Can you tell me?" Volume 8 Kyushu Relics Chapter 587 Mysterious Land "What's the matter?" The young man of the Blood Shadow Clan shouted angrily and brandished his sword at the invisible space. Boom! In a loud noise, the bloody sword light once again collapsed into strands of magic gas, but the space ban, still just a burst of ups and downs, shining out of a gray crystal light, there is no following. Thunder demon clan and devour soul clan two holy son also already arrived, one after another foundation thunder ball, electric arc and ghost claw, Yin wind and so on attack, still has no obvious effect to this layer of prohibition! "What on earth is the matter with the two of them entering this ban so easily?" With a sigh, the young man of the Blood Shadow Clan shook his head and said, "What magical power is that little blue phoenix?" "It is probably one of the seven quintessential evil spirits in the rumor-clear mind and pure evil spirit.". Didn't the Great Sage King of the Jinkui Clan say that the saint of the Holy Charm Clan had a holy body of a clear mind? It was mostly the unique magical power of this holy body. The middle-aged man of the Thunder Demons frowned and speculated. It is reasonable for her to have a clear mind and a pure spirit. It seems that the saying of the seven quintessences of evil spirits has a great background, and some of them are strange. But that guy of the Jin Kui clan, what he displays is clearly a wisp of aura, but it's very much like the clear mind and pure evil spirit. What's going on? The face of the young man of the Blood Shadow Clan was full of incomprehensible confusion, and he became more and more unpredictable about the main target of his trip, Jin Sha, the holy son of the Jin Kui Clan. At this point, I also do not understand that if he has a helper like a spirit beast, it is also possible to use the spirit beast to manipulate Reiki, but how can it be similar to the Reiki of Mingxin Pure Demon Qi, and can easily cross this layer of prohibition! The young man of the soul-eating clan also said with a helpless face. Three people here together for a long time, everywhere also can not find the weakness of this layer of space prohibition. Finally, the young man of the Blood Shadow Clan sighed lightly: "In that case, we can only break through this layer of prohibition by force. Fortunately, with the help of a large number of top-quality magic crystals, plus three people like me attacking wildly from the side, I don't believe that three people like me can't make a gap in this space prohibition all the time!" With these words, the young man took out a delicate black jade in the shape of a ship, and the ship, which was as black as ink but had white sails, flew towards him with a black breath. In the gray space covered by a light layer of gray fluorescence, there is a very strange scenery around it, including bright flowers and plants, as well as gray and pale trees, and they are interlaced, not divided into areas. And between heaven and earth, there are both magic gas and Reiki,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, which permeate each other. Somehow, unlike most places in Chaos Valley, magic gas and Reiki are gradually separated from each other. prius-biotech.com


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