Eye of Heaven _ Jiufang Loulan

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Smiling, Manli poured Tang Xun a glass of white wine. Tang Xun thanked her.

Smiling, Manli poured Tang Xun a glass of white wine. Tang Xun thanked her. Manli looked at him and quietly pointed to Lin Xiaolei. She saw Lin Xiaolei sitting on the sofa angrily, without looking at anyone. She was sulking. Tang Xun sat beside her with a glass of wine. Lin Xiaolei suddenly turned around and hugged Tang Xun's neck. She buried her head in his shoulder and did not speak. She just hugged him tightly. Seeing his daughter like this, Lin Zhiyang, who was sitting behind his desk, sighed: "This is really an irrefutable truth for thousands of years!"! If it wasn't for this nerve-racking daughter, I wouldn't have to go to all this trouble. "Yes," said Tang Xun, "you let me evaporate from the world long ago!" Lin Shengwen laughed and said, "Well, don't make sarcastic remarks. Let's have an open and honest talk tonight.". First of all, I would like to tell you that it was my idea that you Xiaoyi, Gu Lianming and Dr. Li set a trap for you. Later, you went to the detention center and escaped by transporting goods. It was also the opportunity that I instructed the detention center in Shenyang to leave you deliberately. Of course, opportunities are always reserved for those who have brains and preparations. Facts have proved that we are not wrong. You really seize every opportunity available. As for those who die because they are not smart enough, they are self-inflicted. You don't have to feel guilty at all. Tang Xun suddenly realized why he could escape from the heavily guarded detention center. Lin Shengwen added: "At this point, you should also see that it is almost impossible to escape from the control of our Lin family,75 inch smart board, unless you hide in the ends of the earth alone and hide in the mountains and forests for the rest of your life. But do you think you can accept such a fate?" Tang Xun is silent. Lin Sheng-wen came over with the whisky in his hand and continued, "And you know, the power of the Lin family can be described as hands and eyes. With your own strength, even if you sue the Jade Emperor, you can't bring us down. There is a saying that those who know the times are outstanding. You should know what to do." Tang Xun couldn't figure it out: "You don't have to hold on to me at all. I can guarantee that I will never tell about the secret of the Golden Plate and the Eye of Heaven. Why do you have to force me to do this?" Lin Zhiyang snorted and said, "That's what you think. For such a big thing as the Eye of Heaven, I can never allow those who know to be free outside when they act. That will be my biggest eyesore and thorn in my flesh!" "What if I don't agree to join?" Asked Tang Xun. English castles Lin Shengwen lost his composure. Just as he was about to speak,smart board touch screen, Lin Zhiyang waved his hand and said to Tang Xun, "If that's true, then I won't let you leave the Lin family alive. I, Lin Zhiyang, will do what I say!" Lin Zhiyang threw the purple clay teapot heavily on the table, and his eyes showed a fierce light. Tang Xun knew that the old man had really killed him, and it seemed that he had been pushed to the edge of the cliff, and if he took another step forward, he would have to fall into bone powder. Lin Xiaolei shook Tang Xun's shoulder and cried, "Big fool, you promised your father and second brother, okay?"? When the time comes, interactive touch screens education ,smart board whiteboard, we will go to Europe to settle down and live a happy life forever. No one dares to trouble us, OK? Tang Xun's mind was so confused that his mind was quite entangled. Then Manli came leisurely and handed Tang Xun some documents: "Take a good look at them. I believe these things can relieve you of your last worries." As soon as I took the document, I saw that it was a payment slip from the inpatient ward of a hospital in Shenyang. The name of Tang Xun's mother was clearly written in the column of the patient's name. The amount of medicine deposited in advance was 100,000 yuan, which was obviously the behavior of the Lin family. Moreover, the remarks column also stated that the patient's condition was not serious and that he was ready to leave the hospital within five days. After seeing these things, Tang Xun really relaxed a lot in his heart. His mother's illness was what he was most concerned about. In contrast, his own safety was the second. When the last psychological obstacle was removed, Tang Xun suddenly felt inexplicably relaxed. What kind of person was Lin Zhiyang? He kept staring at the expression on Tang Xun's face, knowing that his mood had calmed down. He took the opportunity to persuade him: "You don't have to give me the answer right now. I have prepared the tickets for four days later. I will take you and Xiaolei to travel to England for a few days. By the way, I just bought a castle in Birmingham three months ago.". How about you give me a definite answer when you come back? Tang Xun shakes shake one's head: "I am wanted by the country now, ID card is done not have, be afraid cannot leave the country?" Lin Shengwen laughed heartily: "For our Lin family, this kind of trivial matter is solved in one sentence, and you don't have much to worry about." In this way, Tang Xun could not think of any reason to refuse, so he had to nod. That night, he was arranged to stay in the guest room on the first floor of the back courtyard of the villa. This guest room has a spacious French window, outside is facing the circular swimming pool in the garden, there are several lights on the edge of the pool that do not go out all night, if there is no faint light shining in the blue pool water, the ripples of the rippling water reflect the rhythmic, faint blue light, which has another charm against the background of the quiet night. Tang Xun lay on the bed, looking through the French window at the faint blue ripples reflected on the glass. Strange to say, the ripples seemed to have a hypnotic effect. His mind was in a mess, but he slowly fell asleep under the influence of the ripples. Four days later, Birmingham International Airport, England. At the end of March, the temperature in Britain is similar to that in China, but the city is clean and orderly, and the society is highly developed, which makes people feel more warm while enjoying these civilizations. Two Englishmen in white stripes and black uniforms with cuffs and collars were already waiting by the gangway, and a light silver Rolls-Royce was parked behind them. After Lin Zhiyang talked with them in English, one of them, about fifty years old, turned back to the direction of the luggage department, thinking to pick up the luggage. The other strong man with a beard sat in the cab, and Lin Zhiyang and the other three also sat in the car. The car started, out of the airport to the southeast direction,digital interactive whiteboard, Lin Zhiyang and the driver began to talk, Tang Xun's English level is general, can only hear sporadically seems to be asking the driver about the distance. hsdsmartboard.com