The shadow of the sword is cold

The maid sent two big ring chairs behind the long table to wait on the two women.

The maid sent two big ring chairs behind the long table to wait on the two women. On the left and right sides of the case stood two ghostly old men. The outer wing of the wild goose lined up with eight girls holding the lantern. At the back of the case, there were three maids behind the two women, and then there were eight other girls holding the lanterns. On both sides of the case, eight strong men stood with their arms akimbo, standing in an arc, looking solemn. All eyes fell on Anping, who was standing in the corner of the wall two feet away. Seeing all the people clearly, Anping thought to himself, "If what I expected is not bad, it may be that Yunmeng Shuangjiao has come.". Look at the scene, the mountain spirit, one of the four evils in the universe, is actually their subordinates. It's really unbelievable. How can they serve this terrible devil who does all kinds of evil? Strange things. Yunmeng Shuangjiao refers to the "Erdao" of "Three Swords, Two Swords and Five Desperate Swords". It is a young master whose name is second only to the eight masters among the celebrities rising in Jianghu in this generation. "Er Dao" refers to two very terrible precious swords in Wulin, one of which is named "Yu Guang". One is called "rain", which is a priceless blade that can cut gold and jade. The owner of the Dao is Yunmeng Shuangjiao. Yunmeng Shuangjiao is not a sister, but a well-known sworn sister. They are both from Guanghu. They are close in age and congenial. The elder sister's surname is Zhong Qiong, and her nickname in Jianghu is Liu Shen. The younger sister's surname is Li, and Fang's nickname is Yao, and her nickname is Qing Hu. The reputation of the two of them is not very good. They are the famous banshees in Jianghu. They are not only the best in the world, but also very skillful in attracting and probing. They are hated by the chivalrous disciples. But they not only have precious swords, but also have excellent flying skills. They are extremely alert. In Jianghu, their whereabouts are erratic,Stone Honeycomb Panel, like ghosts. No one can keep an eye on them. They can do nothing about them. In recent years, the news of the two women has been silent for a long time, and there are many legends in Jianghu. Some said that they had been killed by the broken fan. Some say that they have found a suitable husband and have become a good wife and mother. Women are weak, timid and cautious, not suitable for the use of single knife, single knife known as "desperate", how can it be suitable for women to use? Therefore, there are very few Wulin heroines in Jianghu who use swords. Anping saw that the swords worn by the two women were different,grey marble slab, so he guessed that Yunmeng Shuangjiao had arrived. Seeing that they could actually use the mountain spirit, one of the four evils, he was frightened. He guessed that Shuangjiao would reappear in Jianghu, and her art industry would not be in the same line with the five fugitives. The mountain spirit took his sword and hurried to the table. He bowed and said, "Tell me back to the two girls. The younger generation is very good at art. The old man has done his best. What can he do?" The girl in green on the left looked coldly at Anping, who was sitting in the corner of the wall. With a wave of her sleeve, she said in a graceful voice, "Old Mou has worked hard. Stand by and wait for orders." The mountain spirit answered, saluted again, retreated to the right and stood at the head of the old man with a snake, looking at Anping with burning eyes, and his strange eyes flashed with confusion and surprise. The woman in blue smiled and said to her companion, "Sister Qiong, little sister, ask him." "Sister Xian, please help yourself." The woman in green smiled. Anping was calm, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Agate Slabs Countertops, his eyes were shining, and he looked at the crowd without fear, calmly inhaling the breath of the white dragon's poison beads. The woman in blue straightened up and asked Anping, "Hello!"! Are you Xia Anping, the newly famous dragon in Jianghu? An Ping smiled faintly and asked calmly, "Girl, do you think I am right or wrong?" "This girl is asking you!" The woman in green laughed. Didn't you just answer it? "You didn't answer." "Hehe!"! "Now that the girl has sent someone to lure her, why should she ask more questions?" "Well!"! Your Excellency is shrewd. "The girl is not stupid." "How can you?" "Isn't it clever to send someone to trap the servant first, then send someone to try, and then come forward to interrogate the confession?"? If the girl didn't find out the details in advance, she would be lured from here when she had just arrived at Jishui after driving more than two hundred Li. "I haven't been to Yushan, but I've sent my eyes there to see the scenery. You've come from the official way, and my people have also arrived." "I would like to ask you what is the purpose of luring me here?" "Why do you keep saying it's a lure?"? Why do you say so badly? "Hehe!"! Like this kind of introduction, I dare not understand. I have something to do. If you can't stay for a long time, do you have any advice? Can you make it clear? Oh! What about the high names and surnames of my fellow Puritans! Discourtesy! Discourtesy. ” You are a businessman, and you may not know the name of this girl. But in the past six months, when you've been walking in Jianghu, you don't know Yunmeng Shuangjiao, do you? On the contrary, Anping was very calm and said with a smile, "I've heard a little about it, but I didn't know it when I was walking in Jianghu.". Guess from the dress, the girl must be a green fox Li Yao girl with a rain knife. That girl, of course, is Miss Zhong Qiong, who has a light knife. Isn't that good? "You are so shrewd that you are right.". Would you like me to introduce you to some seniors? "Is it the mountain spirit and those two?" Anping asked, pointing at the strange man. Pretty good The two of them are Zhou Chang, a disabled old man, and Zeng Rui, a snake God. You will know who they are by looking at their faces and weapons. An Ping gazed at the two of them for a long time, then nodded and said, "Sure enough, the man is just like his name. You can tell at a glance that the old man and the mountain spirit are both one of the four evils. As for the snake God Zeng Rui, I have never heard of him.". The two girls came out much later, and their seniority was low, but looking at the pomp and circumstance tonight, the three seniors were the subordinates of the girls, which really made me feel surprised. "Apart from these three seniors, the eight men and sixteen women to whom this girl belongs are all masters who can choose one in a million, which is enough to judge each other with the masters and celebrities in Jianghu." "Really?"? Aren't I trapped in the Jedi? "The fact is that there is no falsehood.". Actually. You are not trapped in the Jedi. As long as you agree to the conditions put forward by this girl, it will not only be harmless to you, but also benefit a lot. "Interesting, to get to the point.". Test the terms. I'm all ears. An Ping said easily, in fact, the heart is not relaxed, but dare not form on the surface. First of all, I have to ask you why you have a grudge against the Dragon Swordsman. "Well, I'm puzzled, too." Anping didn't want to tell the inside story. There are only four things in the world that can lead to deep enmity, that is,white marble mosaic, wine, sex, wealth and gas. The enmity between you and the Dragon Swordsman is a word of color. 。


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