Konoha Teacher of Hokage

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"This is for uncle. It's not perfect, but it's the best music box I can make so far."

"This is for uncle. It's not perfect, but it's the best music box I can make so far." Xia Zhiyuan mischievously blinked, looking at Akano took the things he sent, showing a happy smile, this is the expression of a child of eleven or twelve years old! Watching Xia Zhiyuan close the door again, Akano smiled and fiddled with a model of a ship in his hand, but it didn't look like a music box! After groping for a long time, Akano found that the propeller of the ship was a mechanism, and gently twisted a few times. A burst of sweet music came from the ship. The familiar melody was Konoha's popular lullaby. At the end of the music, the mast of the ship suddenly rose. A small flag was raised along the mast. The three words "Konoha" were written on the flag. What's the use of giving me a child's toy? Akano murmured, and even so, he carefully stuffed the thing into his pocket, with a smile in his eyes. In the courtyard outside, Hanyu, a hippo, waded on a recliner, eating apples and watching the students trying to climb trees in front of him. Yi pursed his lips with some dissatisfaction and walked up the six upright logs in the yard, but after a few steps, he fell heavily. Of course, he is not the only one who has had such a painful experience. Even Sunny Day and White Day have fallen all over the dust. Hey, it's been almost a day, but there's not even a person who has climbed three meters. It seems that today's dinner is gone. Hippo Hanyu cried with some sadness, but his expression was more accurately described as schadenfreude. Sunny and white looking at the smooth wood smeared with tung oil, some speechless. These six straight pieces of wood are made of fir trees,x60 line pipe, which are ten meters high. After the bark is removed, the smooth trunk is not easy to absorb. In addition, the tung oil deliberately sprinkled on the hippo Hanyu makes the trunk even more slippery. Not to mention walking at 90 degrees, it is difficult to climb up. Originally, with the strength of the two of them, walking three meters is not a problem, but the problem is that a hippo Hanyu seal will directly seal off most of their chakras, but also euphemistically called a long stream of water. The other three students are just graduated this year,x70 line pipe, through some connections, just sent to the hippo Hanyu here, after all, the hippo Hanyu this big threshold can be high, not everyone can enter. Hearing that they had no food to eat on a sunny day, they laughed secretly and congratulated themselves that they could go home for dinner. However, the hippo Hanyu's next sentence broke the dream of the three of them, "You three, before passing this period of training, are not allowed to go home." "Teacher", already some days did not come to the day to Tiankui walked to the hippo Hanyu's side, look at him like that, seems to have something to say to the hippo Hanyu. Hippo Hanyu waved his hand and motioned the six to continue practicing. Then he looked back at Hijikata Tiankui and said, "What's the matter?" "I want to go into the dark." Said Hijikata Tiankui. Uh Hippo Hanyu did not seem to listen to this matter, just gently answered, strange, he is not a dark minister, uns s32750 sheet ,x56 line pipe, not to mention three generations, how one by one want to enter the dark department to find themselves. The eyes of Hijikata Tiankui, who had been looking at him, dimmed, and sure enough, Hippo Hanyu could never treat him like Mikito and Uchiha Jing, although he had been his excellent student. Looking at Jing, who used to be as strong as himself, and Mikitang, who used to be worse than himself, have made great progress one by one, especially Jing, who already has the strength to endure, which makes him very depressed. He is also working hard, but no matter how hard he tries, it seems that he can't catch up with Jing. What are they doing? Aware of Rixiang Tiankui's disappointment, Hippo Hanyu moved in his heart and suddenly pointed to the sunny day and asked them. Uh Rixiang Tiankui withdrew his thoughts and looked at the six straight trunks. "Climb the tree," he said. "You should have practiced it!" The hippo Hanyu smiled, took a bite of the apple, and chewed it. "Well," Rixiang Tiankui did not quite understand the meaning of Hippo Hanyu and nodded honestly. Would you like to have a try? Asked the hippo Hanyu. Ah Rixiang Tiankui nodded and walked toward the six tree trunks. "Tiankui senior," Sunny Day saw him coming and consciously gave up his position. As soon as Rixiang Tiankui took a step, he heard a slip under his feet, a volley backward, and landed beautifully on the ground, avoiding falling down and embarrassing himself. It's so cool! Yi, who was watching the scene of bustle, shouted, but his forehead was immediately replaced by a chestnut on a sunny day, and he kept silent. Rixiang Tiankui frowned, tried several more times, finally found the knack, and calmly walked to the top of the trunk. It's really awesome! Yi couldn't help sighing as he watched himself climb for a day without exceeding two meters. It's nothing. I can do it, too. Sunny day is very uncomfortable to mutter, for others to steal her limelight, very some dissatisfaction. Yes! Yes! Sister Sunny Day is certainly awesome. In order to avoid being killed by Sunny Day again, Yi hurriedly flattered, but the expression on his face was written in the letter. Bai gently covered his mouth and smiled secretly. This Yi was becoming more and more cunning, more and more like the former teacher Hanyu, but she knew that what Sunny said was true. "Not bad," the hippo Hanyu nodded and said, "to be able to discover the knack in a short time is worthy of tolerance, but-" Hippo Hanyu walked to the side of Rixiang Tiankui, his right hand gently pressed behind Rixiang Tiankui, a chakra along the arm of Hippo Hanyu flowed into the body of Rixiang Tiankui, and slowly formed a strange figure. Rixiang Tiankui frowned, and at the moment when the chakra of Hippo Hanyu poured into his body, he was almost ready to hit Hippo Hanyu, after all, his behavior had the possibility of a sneak attack, but at the last moment, he held back. When Hippo Hanyu's hand left his back,x60 line pipe, Hijikata Tiankui knew what Hippo Hanyu had just done to him. Sealing? Day to day Kui secret way, "can so easily use the seal, the teacher's strength is really mysterious ah!" 。 lksteelpipe.com