Ringing horse

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Mr. Ku's beard and hair were slightly stretched. He stamped his foot and said,

Mr. Ku's beard and hair were slightly stretched. He stamped his foot and said, "Muddleheaded, Hu Tu!"! The names of several of us have been ruined by you two. How could you two use such a shameful trick of the next five ways. "The white-clothed scribe looked at the heroic man and said coldly," Why don't you kneel down to your master? " The heroic man knelt down, but he looked at Mr. Gu and said, "Master!"! I don't think there's any need to pay attention to the techniques used by people who pay for books. "Nonsense!" Mr. Gu scolded in a deep voice, "What is the status of your master and us in the martial arts world? Even if we are evil, we can't be open and aboveboard. Fei Mu-shu can be clear to us. How can we be furtive and muddleheaded to him? You are too muddleheaded!"! Fortunately, that girl can still be saved. What if she can't be saved? How can we behave in the future? How can we face our colleagues in Wulin? Why don't you give her the antidote? "Master," said the gallant man! I dare not disobey your orders, but have you ever thought that it may not be the girl who was poisoned? Yes "What do you mean?" Asked Mr. Gu. "How do you know it wasn't Fei Mu-shu who was poisoned?" Asked the heroic man. "Nonsense," said Mr. Ku! It's not like you didn't see that Fei Mu-shu had a fight with us. "Master!" "With Fei Mu-shu's cultivation," said the heroic man, "it is possible for him to force the poison into one place for the time being." Mr. Gu was in a daze and immediately turned to look at Bai Yunfang. Bai Yunfang said resolutely, "Yunfang guarantees with her life that it was not Fei Mushu who was poisoned." "Master," said the gallant man! Think about it, if it was Fei Mu-shu who was poisoned, we'd be sure to get rid of him. "Big Brother!" "Yu Qing is right," said Bai Yi Wen Tu. "Our only wish is to get rid of Fei Mu Shu. If we miss this opportunity, in the future.." "Master," said Bai Yunfang! It was not Fei Mushu who was poisoned. With a wave of his hand, Mr. Ku said, "Don't say anything,a333 grade 6 pipe, Yuqing!"! Give her the antidote. "Master.." said the gallant man. "Elder brother.." said Wen Tu in white. "I'll give him the antidote even if it's Fei Mu-shu who's been poisoned," said Mr. Gu with a solemn expression. "I can't deal with him in this way. I want to get rid of him openly." "Sixth Brother," said Zhao Kongming! The eldest brother is right. We should use an open and aboveboard way to get rid of Fei Mu-shu, because we have always been open and aboveboard to everyone. Wen Tu in white lowered his head and said, Elder brother! Second elder brother! I'm ashamed! The heroic man took out a small white porcelain bottle and handed it to Mr. Gu with both hands. Mr. Gu took it and threw it to Bai Yunfang. "Take it," he said! Let me see you again! "Bai Yunfang stretched out her hand to catch it. She looked at Mr. Gu with admiration and said," I'm going to say goodbye to Yunfang. Let Yunfang ask a question. "What do you want to ask?" Asked Mr. Ku. "Where are Yunfang's Third Martial Uncle and Fifth Martial Uncle?" Asked Bai Yunfang. There was a twitch on Mr. Gu's face and he said, "These people have nothing to do with you. You don't have to ask." Bai Yunfang said, "Yunfang knows that due to the temporary withdrawal of the Third Martial Uncle and the Fifth Martial Uncle, the power of the formation that you have been practicing hard for a long time to fight against Fei Mu-shu has been greatly reduced, and you have not been able to kill Fei Mu-shu." Mr. Gu's face changed slightly and he said, "That's none of your business." Bai Yunfang said, 316 stainless steel plate ,x56 line pipe, "Yunfang thinks you shouldn't blame them, but should thank them." "We didn't kill Fei Mu-shu," said Mr. Gu. "We didn't do anything wrong." "No," said Bai Yunfang! You don't know, but Yunfang understands that Fei Mushu will never let himself be hurt by your seven men. In a hurry, he will try his best to protect himself. If that happens, you will die with him. Please think about it.. Mr. Gu said in a deep voice, "Do you think Fei Mu-shu can hurt a few of us?" "Actually," said Bai Yunfang, "he can hurt some of you tonight, but he didn't hurt some of you. ” Mr. Gu was stunned! Immediately, dressed in windless clothes, he waved his hand and said, "Don't say anything more. Let's go." Bai Yunfang bowed down and said, "Yunfang is going to ask you one more thing. Please don't blame Yunfang's fourth and sixth brothers, because they are also trying to get rid of Fei Mu's book." Words fall! Jump and fly away into the night! "Let's all go in," said Mr. Ku. Turned and swept into the house. The rest of the people looked at each other, and no one said a word! The heroic man looked at the place where Bai Yunfang passed away, and an indescribable strange expression appeared on his face! Bai Yunfang pranced in the night, suddenly she felt as if there was one more person around her, turned around and saw that there was really one more person, not someone else, but Fei alone! She was stunned and stopped. "Is that you?" She cried? Why are you here? Fei Duxing smiled and said, "I'm bored there. Come out for a walk." Bai Yunfang stamped her foot and said, "You are really, your wound.." Fei Duxing said, "This injury is nothing. Look, I didn't fall down there, did I?" Bai Yunfang suddenly took a deep look at him and said, "You treat me like a child, don't you?" Fei Duxing said, "Child?"? Can a child understand the word'love '? Bai Yunfang's dimple was hot for a while. "Garrulous!" She said angrily! Why don't you come back with me? She stretched out her hand to help Fei walk alone! The two men walked side by side in the dim light of night, and Fei walked alone: "Mr. Gu's breadth of mind is really admirable!" "That's what my master is," said Bai Yunfang. Fei Duxing said, "It's really hard for me to be an enemy of him." "Are you really an enemy of them?" Asked Bai Yunfang. "You saw all this with your own eyes," said Fei alone. "Is it fake?" "You're really good," said Bai Yunfang. "If anyone asks you to do something, he can really rest easy." "How do you say that?" Said Fei Duxing. "Until now,347 stainless steel," said Bai Yunfang, "you haven't revealed anything to me." "I don't know what to say. Do you really believe in your own vision?" Said Fei Duxing. "Of course!" "I always believe in my own vision," said Bai Yunfang. "I don't believe in my own vision. Whose vision do I believe in?". lksteelpipe.com