All-round talent (thunderstorm)

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The so-called heavyweight interrogation room is a name of the Tutulamis base.

The so-called heavyweight interrogation room is a name of the Tutulamis base. There is no big difference in appearance between the whole interrogation room and other interrogation rooms. The main difference is that the interrogation room is soundproof. In Libya, a completely soundproof interrogation room is not bad. And the people who can be interrogated in the heavyweight interrogation room are all important people. It is estimated that Carter came running after hearing that Tullis had brought people to the heavyweight interrogation room. This is not the leader of another tribe. Tullis looked impatiently at Carter. Not the leader of another tribe? Carter froze. "Then why did you take him to the heavyweight interrogation room?" "He's the man Boss Darby wants." Tullis spoke impatiently, but the name Darby was mentioned in an unconsciously accentuated tone. "That should also inform me," Carter said angrily. "Don't think that we two are at odds and deliberately hide me from these things. I can go to the boss to sue you." "I'll talk to you next time." Tullis glanced at Carter, then at Fu Tianhao, and then picked up the phone next to him. Looks like it's time to call Darby. Fu Tianhao looked at the phone as if his eyes were shining. Although Tulis informed Darby will reveal his whereabouts, but if not, how to find Darby's figure? And at the moment Qiangzi is not in his side, in terms of strategy, since the transfer of skills, he is really not good at, and now only use this move. What's more, they don't necessarily know that they are Fu Tianhao, and they only told them that they are the second-in-command of Jiangshan. In this way, Fu Tianhao put down the stone hanging on the 180-storey roof in his heart. Tullis? Darby on the other end of the phone seemed a little surprised, probably because in his opinion,inflatable air dancer, Tulis had just made a phone call, and at the moment it seemed that the frequency of the call was too high. Boss Darby, I have a Jiangshan man here. Tullis changed his tone to Carter and spoke kindly to Darby as if he were his own father. Oh, the people of Jiangshan? How many hands? Darby's tone changed a little. Second-in-command. Tullis said quickly. The second-in-command is probably one of Fu Tianhao's men. Darby said to himself on the other end of the phone, but Fu Tianhao was surprised to hear that his name Darby knew? It seems that he and Xiang Bafeng really have a lot of communication about themselves. What's his name Darby then asked. Hey, what's your name? Tulis turned to look at Fu Tianhao and asked,inflatable water slide, as if because Darby's phone was beside him at the moment, so his tone of questioning was not excessive. Fu Tianhao brain fast operation, his real name is certainly not to say, so Fu Tianhao will casually find the name of a person around. Liu Wu. Fu Tianhao said softly. It's Liu Wu. Tullis turned to the microphone and said. Liu Wu? Oh, I've heard the name. Darby said to himself, Fu Tianhao naturally will not forget to open the eavesdropping skills, Darby then said, "bring him to my side." "Boss Darby, where are you now?" Tullis asked cautiously. Feelings of the younger brother do not even know where the eldest brother is? Fu Tianhao touched his nose, but on second thought, now the situation in Libya is turbulent, large inflatable water slide ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, and Darby is fighting with Gaddafi, so it is not surprising that Darby's residence is somewhat mysterious. Things and Fu Tianhao think similar, Darby is really hiding himself very deep, even a lot of trusted men can not find him for a while, can only dial a different number every day to find him. Of course, the people who were around Darby knew where Darby was. And Darby basically changes his residence every month, sometimes two weeks in advance, in order to effectively prevent his location from being discovered by others. After all, Gaddafi has sent many spies to find Darby himself. I'm still in Tutulamis. Darby was silent for a moment and then said. Tutulamis? Tullis seemed stunned for a moment and then asked, "Where is the exact location?" "You will bring him to Tutulamis, Cary County, tomorrow, and you will be met." Darby finished and hung up the phone. Cary County? Tullis frowned. Then looked at Fu Tianhao, the side of Carter is also frowning. Like Cary County isn't safe? Fu Tianhao had a question in his mind. At this time, Tulis did not say a word more with Fu Tianhao, then pressed a button next to the phone, and the back door was opened, two men came to pick up Fu Tianhao. What's going on? Fu Tianhao puzzled, took himself to the so-called heavyweight interrogation room, but only asked himself the simplest questions, and then let himself leave? I'm afraid the most important part of the whole process is the dialogue between Tulis and Darby. I'm afraid the soundproof effect of the heavyweight interrogation room is used to isolate the dialogue between Darby and Tulis. Fu Tianhao shook his head, just, in this case, he is too lazy to care so much. It's just a little troublesome to be taken out of this base tomorrow. Looking at the expressions of Tulis and Carter, I guess Cary County is not a good place. We don't know what will happen when we get there. And who will rescue Zhang Jie after he leaves? For Zhang Jie, Fu Tianhao still wants to help him, after all, Zhang Jie is his first friend in Libya, not to mention that he has the ability to save Zhang Jie. Fu Tianhao was taken down, but was not taken back to the original place, but alone in another room, naturally do not know what happened to other people fell to the ground. It is estimated that nothing will happen, but that someone will be killed after he can't stand the resistance. Otherwise is obediently handed over the money and the company secret, anyway all this all has nothing to do with Fu Tianhao. After Fu Tianhao was detained, he fell asleep on the bed. Came to Libya these two days, can make him a little tired,Inflatable bouncer, tomorrow will go on the road to find Darby, forget it, first raise enough spirit.