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The writer of iron, the reader of running water. Our daily life has become -- Reader: Come on, Zhizhi. Zhi Zhi: Good.. All right? Reader: Scatter flowers. Zhi Zhi: Oh,outdoor spa manufacturers, oh, oh, oh. You set me up. ~。

Leng Yue looked at me and said, "I really admire you for being able to recover so quickly after losing the mythical beast. There must have been a number one character before. Nei Ku is very bad on the surface, but he is cunning in his heart. He won't give you an elder's seat for nothing. Do you and Nei Ku know each other long ago?"? Why haven't I heard of your number one? "Awesome, worthy of being an old player," I hastened to reply: "We are friends, so he takes care of me, and I am a nominal elder, no matter what." The cold moon saw that I was embarrassed to ask the topic: "Since we are lost, we should choose a good direction. Walking blindly is not the way. You have been to Phoenix Mountain twice and have no impression of it?" I looked around and said helplessly, "It's all foggy here. I can't see anything ten meters away. Even if I've been here, I may get lost. Besides, I have no impression of this place at all. I didn't take this road last time." Cold month: "That did not have method, we turn about in disorder, go that is that, went out calculate luck." Rose heard this obviously a little unnatural,best whirlpool tub, I hastened to say: "Don't be discouraged, we have come here, many masters have hung back, we can stick to now is not only luck, that we are better than them ah!" Leng Yue: "Haha, it's not our ability to hold on until now. It's you who lead the way. It seems that you know it's strange. Be careful!" Hearing the warning of the cold moon,garden jacuzzi tub, I rolled forward in a hurry. In fact, I knew I was attacked even if he didn't shout. I knew the danger at the moment when the thief's feeling shook. I rolled out and stood up hurriedly and turned around. A spell of Rose hit the monster that attacked me and flew in the air. Unexpectedly, it fell to the ground and died. The cold moon went up to check the monster, "Dark Devil Bat, you just moved so fast!"! I thought you couldn't hide! I went up and looked at the bat. I always felt something was wrong. I asked Lengyue, "How much experience did you have just now?" Leng Yue: "It seems to be three o'clock. Why is there a problem?" I looked at Rose, "You should be three o'clock, too!"! I have two points, remove the team bonus, then this bat should be six or seven points of experience, this seems to be Warcraft, outdoor hot tub ,endless swimming pool, so little experience, so poor ability is not a problem? Leng Yue's face darkened. "You mean they should come and go in groups?" At this time, there was a faint sound of the wind when the wings flapped. The three of us looked at each other. The cold moon shouted in a low voice: "Run." Pull up the rose and run in the direction of the time. I hastened two "visible and shadowy" rushed out, and the purple was more than 20 meters away from the cold moon. It could be used twice when it was upgraded. It seemed that no one could compare with me when it came to running for life. From behind came the sound of the cold moon chopping and the hissing sound of the rose skimming its spell. I hid myself on the ground and looked back at Lengyue and them. In the light of the spell, Lengyue and Rose had been surrounded by dozens of bats. Every sword of Lengyue would split a bat, but the bat flew around from time to time to make up for it. As a result, more and more bats were killed. Lengyue hurriedly shouted: "Rose, you go first. Bats are poisonous." The rose hand kept throwing out the spell and shouting anxiously, "What are you going to do?"? There are more and more bats. How do you get out? The cold moon is a little angry: "You go quickly and don't worry about me." Rose died and didn't want to leave the cold moon behind. "No, let's go together." In fact, neither of them can walk. One person can't stop the bats all over the sky. There are so many bats that I can't do anything now. It's impossible to attract them. Now there may be bats all around and there's no place to attract them. If I hadn't run out in time, and I hid myself in time, I might be like them now. Now even my head is full of bats. I didn't seize the opportunity to escape just now, but now I can only lie still. Two bats are hovering over my head, as if to observe whether I am alive or not. I stare at them with the corners of my eyes and dare not move. I pray slowly in my heart that I don't care, but it's best not to hang up. I don't have any hope of escaping now. The cold moon and the rose are still pushing me. Rose cries suddenly: "Husband, I did not have Fu, how to do?" Leng Yue complained, "I let you go early. Now we can't go out. This is a game. It's not really for you to leave me. Why do you take it so seriously?" As he spoke, the two men clung to each other on their backs, and the cold moon blocked most of the attack, but the rose was bitten by bats from time to time and made a cry. The two bats on my head finally flew away, probably thinking that I didn't belong to a living creature! Maybe this is a way to escape them in the future. I said on a group call, "Cold Moon, how's the bat attack?" The cold moon shouted, "Have you gone? Don't come back. The attack is not as high as three to eight o'clock. It also brings poison to attack two o'clock every second. If it weren't for the rose's blood, we would have died." "I'm hiding well around you. No bats have attacked me yet. One of you is lying on the ground and the other is blocking the attack. Maybe one of you can escape." "You haven't left yet," said Leng Yue. "I thought you were long gone! You were so fast just now. Why didn't they attack you? I was a little embarrassed and said, "Maybe my hiding skill is good, or maybe they don't like the taste of my blood. They turned around my head twice and then ignored me. I think one of you may escape by playing dead." Leng Yue: "Rose, did you hear what Gu Feng said? Get down quickly." Rose: What about you? I can't add blood to you if I lie down. Leng Yue: "Don't worry about so much. It's useless to add blood. We can't kill them all. Get down quickly. We can't hold on for long." "No, I can't ignore you. If you want to hang up, let's hang up together. Ah, you." What else did Rose want to say? As a result, she was hugged by the cold moon and pressed under her body. The bats in the sky immediately covered them. In a moment,american hot tub, the ground was dark. I sighed, thinking that neither of them could live. So many bats could dismember people with one bite. If there was such a setting in the game, there would be no bones left.

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