Xuan Ji's ethereal steps

Now the fire hole is still collapsed by the size of the rock,

Now the fire hole is still collapsed by the size of the rock, stuffed to death, without the slightest appearance of being pushed aside, he is not dead inside, how did he come out? Or? Is that he didn't get into the hole at all. However, everyone's eyes are not blurred, how can we explain the facts we have seen before? Therefore, all of us will be relieved for a while. After a while, Hanquan Yufeng began to ask in an incredulous tone, "Heaven-sent!"! Didn't you go into the cave? Luo Tianci was now slowly putting down the two of them, Princess Mei Niang, whom he had saved. When he heard this, he seemed a little puzzled and replied, "Yes!"! Didn't my aunt see it with her own eyes? As soon as this remark was made, Hanquan Yufeng could not help retreating in horror and saying, "Ah?"? Are you a human being or a ghost? When Luo Tien-tsu heard this, he couldn't help but say, "In broad daylight, there are children there. Aunt, what's the matter with you?" By this time, Cen Mingzhong and the others had already calmed down. When they heard this, they couldn't help asking, "a gift from heaven!"! That That Before he had finished speaking, Luo Tien-tsu had already guessed what was going on from their surprised appearance. He could not help but suddenly reply, "Ah -- you're wondering how I got out,liquid bottle filling machine, aren't you?" Everyone could not help but nod their heads and say, "Yes!" Luo Tianci couldn't help laughing and said, "What's so curious about that?"! There's another way out of this fire hole! Everyone could not help but suddenly say, "Ah, so there is another exit from this fire hole!" Luo Tianci said, "Otherwise, wouldn't I be buried alive in there?" However, when Cen Mingzhong realized the truth, he suddenly felt a little worried and said,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "In that case, isn't that fire charm running away?" "It can't run away!" Said Luo Tianci. "Didn't you say there was another way out of the fire hole?" Asked Cen Ming-chung with great surprise. Lo Tien-tsu said, "If it didn't have that outlet, it wouldn't have come to this!" "Why?" Asked Cen Mingzhong, puzzled. Luo Tianci said, "Because the exit over there is man-made." Cen Ming-chung said, "What does this have to do with the life and death of Huo Mei?" Without answering, Luo Tianci asked, "Uncle!"! Do you know why there is an exit on that side? "Could it be that it was specially opened for this fire charm?" Mei Rao couldn't help saying. Lo Tien-tsu said, "Even if you don't hit the mark, you won't be far off!" Everyone could not help wondering, and could not help asking in unison, "What's going on?" Luo Tianci said, "Because someone wants to drive this fire charm to kill us all!" "Ah," they said in horror, "there is such a thing. Who is that man?" Luo Tien-tsu raised his eyebrows and said, "Meng Liang!" We could not help but be completely surprised and say, "What?"? It's him again! Luo Tien-tsu said, juice filling machine ,water filling machine, "Otherwise, who would have known that there was a fire charm trapped in the belly of this mountain?" Cen Mingzhong nodded and said, "Yes, only the Cen and Meng families know about this, but how can he fight this fire charm?" Luo Tianci said, "If you want to fight with the Fire Charm, it won't hurt me!" Cen Ming-chung was puzzled and said, "Will Huo Mei listen to him?" Luo Tien-tsu said, "It's not much different!" "How is that possible?" Cen Ming-chung and the others asked in disbelief. Luo Tianci said, "In fact, the Fire Charm is rushing this way!"! It's their masterpiece! "How do you know?" They asked incredulously. Luo Tianci said, "Because I went after Huo Mei for the second time, and after I entered the cave, they were talking about it!" Only then did Cen Ming-chung say with some conviction, "In that case, you can't be wrong, but how can he make Huo Mei obedient?" Luo Tien-tsu says, "Although the fire charm is powerful, it's not impossible to control it. Otherwise, I'm afraid Kuang Cheng-tzu wouldn't have been able to trap it in those days!" Cen Ming-chung said, "You mean Meng Liang knows how to exercise restraint!" "That's not him!" Said Luo Tianci. "Didn't you just say that he was the one who wanted to hurt us?" Asked Cen Mingzhong. Lo Tien-tsu said, "He was the one who did it, but he didn't do it!" Shum Ming-chung said, "Who is it?" Lo Tien-tsu said, "Of course I'm a member of the Illusion Sect!" Everyone suddenly said, "It's them! Their behavior is really terrible!" Luo Tien-tsu nodded and said, "It's a good thing I went in early. Otherwise, that's not the only thing to be afraid of." Princess Mei Niang was puzzled. "Why?" She asked. Luo Tianci said, "Because they have taken advantage of the fire charm to subdue it when it was seriously wounded, and are now healing its wounds with arrows, and preparing to take away the tools for the victims." Cen Mingzhong said with an awe-inspiring voice, That's really terrible! The Fire Charm should not have been rescued by them! Luo Tien-tsu said, "If they had taken it away, the hole would not have collapsed!" "Why?" Said Mr Shum. Luo Tianci said, "They didn't think that I had gone in quietly!"! When they weren't paying attention, I gave Huo Mei another arrow. As a result, I shot the inner alchemy of Huo Mei with one arrow, and it suddenly exploded, killing them all! Shum Ming-chung said, "Are they not prepared at all?" Luo Tien-tsu said, "It was because they were on guard that I didn't dare to get too close to them, so I went around behind them and shot them from a distance. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been blown up alive inside!" When the charming princess heard this, her face changed color and she said, "Darling, what a close call!"! So Meng Liang, the traitor, was also killed by the explosion! "He didn't!" Said Luo Tianci. "What was that all about?" Said Cen Mingzhong unexpectedly. Luo Tianci said, "Because he didn't know how to restrain the fire charm, he stayed outside the exit and took the opportunity to slip away as soon as he saw something bad."! Otherwise, he wouldn't be the same! Princess Mei Niang could not help saying bitterly, "Then why don't you chase after her?" Luo Tien-tsu said, "He ran away early, and by the time I got out, there was no sign of him. I didn't even know which direction he was running from. How can I go after him?" Princess Mei Niang said coquettishly,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "Then you can't think of a way!" Luo Tianci said, "If I don't take off to search for him and escape there, how can I find out that you are doing something stupid?"? Then your two little lives will have been lost in vain. gzxilinear.com


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